Audience members arrested after Dave Hughes’ comedy show
April 11, 2019

Hughesy, we have a problem.

Dave Hughes’ comedy show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival on Saturday night was thrown into chaos by some rowdy latecomers.

Detailing the incident on the Hit Network’s Hughesy and Kate, the comedian said a group of four people rocked up 15 minutes late to his show Hairy at Melbourne’s Town Hall.

“I always talk to the people as they’re coming in … just to have a bit of a laugh with them,” he said on radio.

“These people walked in a bit late. I said, ‘Why are you late?’ They sounded a bit like they’d been at a bit of a party.

“I’m thinking, ‘Oh well, hopefully they’ll settle down once they sit down.’ But I don’t think they did.

“I’m on stage and I’m hearing an argument at the back of the room, like a proper argument. It was not good.”

Hughesy's new stage show, Hairy, was given four stars by the Herald Sun.Source:Instagram

Hughesy played some audio from the comedy show in which he could be heard saying to the group, “Guys, we can’t be having too much hassle here! We can’t get aggressive. This has got weird now. Seriously!”

But the group completely ignored his pleas for calm.

“There is a full on argument happening in the back of this room,” Hughesy told his co-host Kate Langbroek.

“I’m trying to deal with it and keep the show funny when you know there’s like a real potential for a physical fight to break out in your audience.”

The TV and radio personality offered the people a refund and with the help of the ushers he managed to convince the group to leave.

As Hughesy escorted them out, he joked to the town hall audience, “I feel like I’m on Married At First Sight!”

Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek’s radio show airs from 4.30pm to 6.30pm each weekday.Source:Supplied

But the rowdy punters weren’t willing to call an end to their night just because they’d been kicked out of Hughesy’s show.

“Apparently two of them didn’t want to leave the venue so they were outside trying to get back in,” the comedian said on radio.

“Eventually the police were called. I believe there was handcuffs involved.”

In a statement to, Victoria Police confirmed they arrested a male and female in the Melbourne CBD on April 6.

“Police responded to reports the female was refusing to leave a licenced venue on Collins Street about 9pm. Whilst police were attempting to arrest the female a male known to the woman is alleged to have pushed police. The female was issued an infringement notice for being drunk in a public place and failing to leave a licenced venue.

“The male has been charged with assault police, resist police, hinder police being drunk in a public place and failing to leave a licenced venue.”